About Us

LustreLuxee, founded in 2020, with an ambitious drive of wanting to become an Entrepreneur set out to change the luxury jewellery fashion forever. Our mission? 
To help you express your personality and style without having to worry about the price tag! 

Therefore, if you’re looking to buy jewellery but too afraid it might break the bank, dread no more because at LustreLuxee we provide a variety of exceptional quality 925 sterling silver pieces that come with impressive quality cubic zirconia stones,  making sure there is something for everyone… 

From sleek bands, bold cocktail rings and must-have stacking bracelets – make a striking ‘loud’ statement as our motto suggests 😊.

We want you to feel euphoric, get excited and have an overall feeling of contentment when LustreLuxee comes to mind. All we ask of you is to enjoy what we have to offer and acknowledge the high standard of product and care that has been put into the brand.  

The main priority is always customer satisfaction, and believe me when I say my team and I aim to please!